Welcome world to the inside of my brain that is CIDER WITH SOPHIE.

A long, long time ago (6 years) when I was a lot thinner but a lot more all over the place , I decided to make the move from Lovejournal (Livejournal) to Blogger, with mostly a continuation of the same, brain fart posts.

You’ll notice not much has changed with the blog, although I do now have a nice spangly header by Jemma aka Drunkface. However I still take awful photos and don’t use a snazzy camera.

I started this blog out of boredom, for escapism but it turned into a hobby and at times I’ve managed to work with some awesome people and meet awesome people. Since returning to work with my daughter, the blog has taken a backseat and my love for it, and time for it has dwindled.

But who am I?

A 30 year old Mum, recently moved from Brighton, back to our home town where have bought our first family home. The decision to move back was not an easy one, but it has definitely been the best thing for our family.

I’m passionate about Wellbeing and Work/life balance and the importance of resetting your batteries.
I love theatre, going to the Cinema, going out for Breakfast, discovering a new coffee shop, seeing the world, learning, listening to live music, cross stitching and knitting.

You can find me on Twitter Instagram Pinterest and Facebook.

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