Wedding planning plans

Seeing as it’s under 8 months til we get married, I thought I best start writing a list of stuff to do, seeing as we haven’t even sent save the dates or invites….oops!!  


Personally, I would be happy if we didn’t send invites, I could get all hippy an’ be like “think of all the trees wasted” “they cost a lot for something that ends up in the bin”, which are both true, although I also think it’s a lot of unnecessary faff.

With that bombshell opinion out of the way, what other stupid ideas have got Callum already wondering what he’s got himself in for?! Although lets be honest, we’ve been together 9 (yeesh) years so he already knows what he’s dealing with! 

No real flowers:

Again, THINK OF ALL THE FLOWERS being wasted!!! Bees, world dying ya da ya da. Callum is properly against this one, but seriously, who fucking notices the flowers anyway? Plus, I’d much rather have knitted ones that could be..reused?! 

Fiesta theme:

Sangria, paella, ragey bright colours with streamers …what’s not to love?! Callum’s exact words were “We don’t want it to look like a kids party”….Erm.. don’t we?!!

No transport between venues:

It can’t just be me that thinks it’s ridiculous to organise transport for guests between ceremony and reception?!I mean, am I their parent for Godsake?!! Also, I can count on one finger the amount of weddings ive been to that have done that….and that’s because I wad a friggin’ bridesmaid. 

Did you do any of the above or decide not to? Tell me so I can make my case!!


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