2017 hopes

I don’t actually like to put too much pressure on the year ahead, but mentally I always make a bullet point list of things I’m hoping to do, and here it is “written down”. 
Travel to at least three places– I think this is pretty achievable, we’re already booked into Barcelona. We’re hoping to travel Bavaria for our honeymoon and Paris or Bologna is on the cards too, plus I’m sure we’ll be back up to Scotland again. 

Stop being non stop– Going to the Highlands always immediately demonstrates how non stop my life is. I’ve always been someone (pre child!!) who has quiet hobbies, embracing relaxation and unwinding. But since having Ophelia my free time has been radically compressed (hi 3 years of limited sleep) which then means I’m squeezing more into less time. We’d obviously found a rhythm because it didn’t feel ridiculously out of control, but I immediately noticed how odd it felt for me to sit still with no niggling feeling of things I should be doing.  That’s when I knew I needed to be careful. To be that tightly coiled non stop cannot be good for your body, health or lifestyle. So I need to work on this in 2017. Not yet sure how. Maybe I’ll employ a cleaner šŸ˜‚. 

Don’t be a bridzilla– With just under 9 months until we get married, I’m maybe a bit too relaxed about the whole thing. We haven’t sent out save the dates or invites, I’m a bit worried I’ll get to June and suddenly realise how much I need to do. But realistically, I can’t see that happening.  At the end of the day, as long as people are fed and watered, not much else matters. 

Solve the house issues– We are lucky in that our house is relatively low maintenance and neutrally decorated so not much is needed. Unfortunately we do have out of use chimney stacks which have been a right ball ache; twice we’ve done different interventions but yesterday we discovered neither have solved it. So we start again!I’m determined to properly solve it, no matter the cost! 

Really that’s it, I expect nothing more or less from 2017 because who knows what curve balls it will throw. But as long as we’re surrounded by the right love and support, we can get through it. 


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