Well weren’t you a bit fucked up 2016?! Too much talented, killed. A lot of hate around the world, manifested in wars and attacks. Fuelled by possibly the two worst political decisions in my history-😐Brexit and Trump. 

Despite this, personally I’ve mostly enjoyed 2016. I’ve worked bloody hard, but I’ve also celebrated life quite hard. It was the year of stability.  Not that I blogged most, if any of these things, but here are my highlights: 


Haggis night with my favourites. 


It was a quiet month as I started a new locum contract and we prepared for our holiday. 

Help setting up the garden.



Deer Hunter gig.


Wonder.land and London friend hang outs. 


Last ever salute.  

Hamburg and Scotland trips bit much in one month but both totally worth it. 


Srawberry picking and pool parties. 

We spent lots of time outside: Woods, Aldingbourne Country Centre, The beach.

Celebrated friends’ weddings and booking ours. 


Mitski gig

Finally decorated Ophelia’s room.

Lone theatre trip. 

London trip. 

Nephew arrived. 
A fond farewell 2016. 

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Why Moana is great

Last week Callum and I took Ophelia to see Moana, I really didn’t expect much from it, but here is why I loved it: 
It doesn’t have a romantic theme- It was so refreshing not to have a love interest, it would’ve completely ruined the flow for me, and because of this, it made the storyline somehow more three dimensional.  

It shows an already strong powerful young woman realising her potential-I’m so excited to see Disney having more of these leading ladies, I think it comes at a time when there are a lot of strong, gritty female leads in general films. 

Realistic family bonds- Not to say I think children should disobey their parents but I think the family bonds in this film were spot on. Demonstrating that sometimes people need to learn their own mistakes, take their own journey and as parents we have to accept that.  Alongside that, it showed that family is filled with people with different views, but love no matter what.  

Comedy- The comedy aspects in Moana appealed to all-Slapstick, situational, musical. I particularly liked the use of facial expressions, the environment and characters to bring comic moments when you least expected it.