Once more with feeling. 

This last week has been an invigorating one for me, with a range of activities kick-starting my insides, like that pilot light that needs a bit of work, but eventually the blue returns. 

It began with Nocturnal animals at the cinema, seeing films filled with talent always gets my brain back into gear, this thriller drama was refreshing and engaging. 

The next thing was going alone to see my favourite theatre company perform Things I know to be true at Chichester Festival Theatre. I went alone, and this is not something I’ve done before. But I did it, with minimal discomfort, and a lot of thought provoking enjoyment because this is my passion.  Thought provoking theatre. With strong themes around family, ambition and values, it was an important reminder of how lucky I am to have a supportive network, despite different values.  

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them was my Friday night jaunt to the local 1920 cinema.  The film itself was perfect for losing yourself in a different world for an hour or so.  Because sometimes that’s just what your brain needs. 

Walking the dogs has provided me with an excuse to take a lunch break for a change.  The difference this makes to my head space, productivity and ability to get through the working week has been far greater than I thought. The wind in my face and the crisp air, blast my senses awake, dusting off the long term sleep deprived fatigue. 
Lastly, we went to see Arrival yesterday.   It was prolific in its storytelling, cinematic experience, demonstrating the importance of Communication in a world of fear.  I nearly cried within the first five minutes, but the film speaks on a far deeper level than that, leaving you deep in thought for quite some time.  

I want every week to feel like this, to feel rejuvenated and itching to have more exposure to those things that feed my soul. 

What has kick-started you this week?