Why didn’t you put it on Social media like most people do?!

This is what a friend said to me recently when I told him we’re getting married.  

He does have a point, I mean, there’s that saying that if it’s not on Social media it never happened. You may sense a repetition with this previous post, but why should that be the case? 

Why do we announce things via social media, to a combination of strangers and people we would avoid eye contact with if we saw them on the street?! 

I do think it’s a fundamental issue that is having a wider issue on the way we communicate. With people sharing their lives more on the internet, is there less need for them to catch up in real life? Well actually no, because as we all know, the Internet is quickly taken out of context and usually isn’t the whole picture. But when was the last time you called someone to catch up? Versus whatsapping them? 

I actually try to communicate less with friemds on the internet now, so that I can have a proper catch up when I see them  I find it far more satisfying, but also a sense of freedom, I’m fed up of my reliance on  phones. Remember the days pre mobiles? You’d make plans, decide a place and just hope they turn up. A few weeks ago I forgot my mobile and had to wait at a meeting place for Callum. It felt so wonderfully freeing;no urgency, no angst at wondering…just acceptance of the process of waiting, and actually enjoying the novelty of it. 

As a generation are we a “need it now, nor waiting” kinda bunch? I fear social media and the internet generally encourages this, as things are both instant and always moving, so we’re programmed to function in the same way.  But maybe I don’t want to function in that way? 


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