We’re all working hard, OK? 

You just need to look at the hashtag #Workhardanywhere to see 32,000 photos of people “working hard” I.e. posed laptop and hot drink set up. Why do we do it? Why do we feel the need to show ourselves working? 

I’ve done it myself!! 

Is it tied into the sense that to contribute to society we are told we must be hard working? 

Is it our need to document every second of our lives? 

Is it to show off? 

Whatever it is, it isn’t healthy. Why are we filling our time with meaningless photos like this, that we unlikely to ever look at again? 

Moreso, what impact is this having on wider political and social issues? The message to our children? Just today someone said to me that she felt she would be considered a ‘dosser’ if she never returns to work (she has been off work since having her daughter 18 months ago). 

I have a job that often leaves me thinking about work on my time away from it, even though that’s tied into the type of job I do.  But when I start thinking about work, i have to remind me what I’ve heard oh so many times: No one has regrets about not working hard enough, rather that they wish they had spent more time with those they love.

Live in the moment, enjoy that moment, capture it in your heart rather than your phone memory. 


2 thoughts on “We’re all working hard, OK? 

  1. I love this post Sophie. I’m guilty of it too sometimes, like when I’m having a particularly stressful week at work I’ll be sure to tell people I’m doing lots of overtime too… but why? Trying to prove that I am a hardworker? Why do we actually need to prove anything, to anyone? Thanks for the food for thought 🙂 xx


  2. Awhh thanks for commenting Katie. I wonder if sometimes we just want the recognition?As often, that ties into sense of worth and therefore happiness? Glad it gave you food for thought though 🙂 xx


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