Bye bye blogging. 

Not to make a song and dance about it or hashtag ‘click bait’, but this really could be it folks. 

My domain is apparently ultra overdue for renewal and there is really nothing tempting me to keep it going. 

As you can tell, my ‘content’ around here has been pretty non existent for quite a while. Why?  Oh so many reasons but essentially I’d rather spend my time catching up with a friend than telling the Internet the ins and outs of my life. 

I’ve lost interest in the “blogging community”, which seems to be filled with people who want to ‘make it fulltime’, tips about countries these people have never visited*, or a real comfy mattress*. Where’s the integrity? How can I invest in their blog when they’re filled with consumerism which they clearly don’t care about further than getting paid to say it? 

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a dig at those people, it’s a recognition that I simply don’t find that interesting. But on the other hand, why as a generation are we so obsessed with sharing every minuite detail with the Internet? When people find out about what’s going on in your life via the Internet, you know something has gone on in the world. 

I have to reflect on what started me blogging, it was something to distract from the boredom of life. But in reality, I don’t have time or inclination to spend my time in that way now. I haven’t turned my laptop on in months, and I love that. 

A lot of my favourite reads historically have either stopped blogging or very sporadically blog, to the point that I often find nothing of interest on bloglovin. 

And no, there’s no picture or spell check on here, because I can do whatever the fuck I want. OK?! 


3 thoughts on “Bye bye blogging. 

  1. I applaud your honesty, and have had the same thought at times. Certainly I’ve thought no-one would miss my drivel… and then I remember that I started blogging for me, and for no-one else. It began as an outlet for me to document my thoughts about the kids, life and all that and I might miss putting my thoughts into words. Yes, I could do this privately I guess, in a diary, but it is nice to get feedback from others.
    I hope you make a decision you’re happy with, and good luck!


  2. I totally get it. My blog fell by the wayside a long time ago – I’m too busy adventuring to find time to write about it any more. It’s quite a lovely reason, really xxx
    P.S. Let’s go for a cup of tea soon and catch up in person xxx


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