We’re all working hard, OK? 

You just need to look at the hashtag #Workhardanywhere to see 32,000 photos of people “working hard” I.e. posed laptop and hot drink set up. Why do we do it? Why do we feel the need to show ourselves working? 

I’ve done it myself!! 

Is it tied into the sense that to contribute to society we are told we must be hard working? 

Is it our need to document every second of our lives? 

Is it to show off? 

Whatever it is, it isn’t healthy. Why are we filling our time with meaningless photos like this, that we unlikely to ever look at again? 

Moreso, what impact is this having on wider political and social issues? The message to our children? Just today someone said to me that she felt she would be considered a ‘dosser’ if she never returns to work (she has been off work since having her daughter 18 months ago). 

I have a job that often leaves me thinking about work on my time away from it, even though that’s tied into the type of job I do.  But when I start thinking about work, i have to remind me what I’ve heard oh so many times: No one has regrets about not working hard enough, rather that they wish they had spent more time with those they love.

Live in the moment, enjoy that moment, capture it in your heart rather than your phone memory. 

Bye bye blogging. 

Not to make a song and dance about it or hashtag ‘click bait’, but this really could be it folks. 

My domain is apparently ultra overdue for renewal and there is really nothing tempting me to keep it going. 

As you can tell, my ‘content’ around here has been pretty non existent for quite a while. Why?  Oh so many reasons but essentially I’d rather spend my time catching up with a friend than telling the Internet the ins and outs of my life. 

I’ve lost interest in the “blogging community”, which seems to be filled with people who want to ‘make it fulltime’, tips about countries these people have never visited*, or a real comfy mattress*. Where’s the integrity? How can I invest in their blog when they’re filled with consumerism which they clearly don’t care about further than getting paid to say it? 

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a dig at those people, it’s a recognition that I simply don’t find that interesting. But on the other hand, why as a generation are we so obsessed with sharing every minuite detail with the Internet? When people find out about what’s going on in your life via the Internet, you know something has gone on in the world. 

I have to reflect on what started me blogging, it was something to distract from the boredom of life. But in reality, I don’t have time or inclination to spend my time in that way now. I haven’t turned my laptop on in months, and I love that. 

A lot of my favourite reads historically have either stopped blogging or very sporadically blog, to the point that I often find nothing of interest on bloglovin. 

And no, there’s no picture or spell check on here, because I can do whatever the fuck I want. OK?!