Moving back to Worthing, one year on.

Tomorrow marks one year since we reluctantly returned to our home town,  Worthing West Sussex and what a year it has been. I really cannot believe it has been a whole year, it really has flown by.

  • I’ve been locumming for a year- this has seen me widen my professional skills to now include Rapid assessment skills to avoid hospital admissions, working in GP surgeries with a wide reign and experiencing work in Adult Social Care that I actually enjoy.  Not only this, but it has given us a far better work life/stress reduced balance.  Whilst I would ideally reduce in order to have an extra day with Ophelia, unfortunately this just isn’t possible with my work at the moment.
  • Ophelia has adjusted to a Worthing nursery when I thought she never would, and continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  I learnt to accept the new nurdery, when I never thought I would.
  • We spent our first Summer in commuter hell, with not only both of us driving to and from Brighton in rush hour both ways, 5 days a week, but dragging Ophelia over too.
  • We still haven’t done much (?anything) to the house, in fact we still haven’t painted or decorated any of the walls, thankfully it was all liveable, although maybe this is why we have dilly dalied so long?
  • We knocked our infamous cat wall mural down in order to make more light into our bedroom.  It has worked wonders but we still haven’t got round to putting up a bespoke blind as a nod to the mural.
  • A lot of exploring and re-engaging in our familiar surroundings has occurred, discovering new coffee shops, pubs and restaurants in our ever up and coming area.
  • Trying to connect with all local events that interest us, because if there is anything we know about this town, it’s that things can fall on their bottom quite often.
  • We’ve been to Scotland to visit Callum’s Dad, Ireland for my sister’s wedding, and Budapest in March. We have lots more trips planned for the rest of this year; Hamburg, Scotland, Barcelona and Cornwall.
  • We’ve squeezed in seeing Funeral for a friend, Hans Zimmer and Brand New.

This move has left us feeling better connected to life and people; we live minutes from both our parents, I am now able to pick Ophelia up earlier and meet with her friend’s parents after nursery, and even better, knock for them to see if they fancy a park trip.  On which note, we finally went swimming thanks to increased funds since the move, and Ophelia LOVES it.  Like a duck to water.

Yes I miss Hove, the vibe, the people the places, the beautiful parks with cafes in (one thing missing here; parks with cafes!)… everything.  But in honesty, the good far outweighs the bad.