Making decisions for me

Recently a friend said how they were now only going to do things that they want to do.

I found this a really interesting point and it got me thinking about my decisions and life choices. Generally as a child I was never bothered about what was ‘in fashion’ or what I should or shouldn’t be playing with/wearing/listening to.  As apparent by my (still) terrible taste in music and rainbow themed outfits. However, I do think it’s only natural to start feeling pulled in directions; whether that’s going out on nights out even if you don’t like clubbing, going to events even though you don’t like meeting new people or doing a job even though you hate it.
I’ve definitely noticed a change in things I say yes to based on the things I get enjoyment out of, and I’ve noticed this selection of things gets bigger or smaller dependent on the amount of time i have. For example when I was living in Brighton and working full time with no other commitments, I would fill my time with anything and everything, always embracing the new. Whereas since having Ophelia, I have to focus on the things that make my happiest. Whether that’s scrapbooking, geocaching or coffee with friends. In the past I would’ve felt guilty for having to say no, but now I’ve noticed it has become empowering for me, and ultimately increased my happiness and quality time with people who really matter doing things that matter.

So I guess I too am only doing things I want to do.


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