Travel-things our first city break with child has taught me


-Ophelia misses vegetables if she doesn’t eat them at least once daily. We found this out the hard way when she started sobbing “i miss vegetables-peas” when we were out at dinner in Budapest (not veg lovers). What can I say, we are keen on veg!!

-You can survive without giving them technology to watch. Just.
I hate it when people write tips for travelling with kids and add “ipad” on there. I mean yeah I understand people find it useful but how did our parents survive before they were invented?! Rant over. We had a TV in our apartment but Ophelia only asked for it on once, but there was no children TV channel anyway! It was very refreshing.

-Ophelia can sleep through take off and landing without giving a rats arsenal.

-Carrying a toddler is hard work, even in an Ergonomic carrier but especially when they fall asleep and you have to climb stairs. OW my hips!

-Art galleries are great for laughing at statues but the “guards” (that sit making sure you don’t get your grubby fingers on things) freak toddlers out.

-Apparently shoes are essential in art galleries.

-Don’t try to do anything quickly, it’ll make one of two things happen-a full lay on the floor tantrum or obstinate “I’m going to suddenly think elbows are awesome” behaviour. Yes, she really does that.

-Toddlers find art more interesting than you’d think.

-Planning is key, make sure you have a plan and back up plan for food solutions in every area you plan to visit, otherwise you may have a toddler crying over the lack of potatoes. Unless you want Burger king every night, in which case, no issue.

-Air b n b is particularly great if you have a toddler who doesn’t sleep.

-If you’ve pre bought activities for the plane back too, hide them really well.


5 thoughts on “Travel-things our first city break with child has taught me

  1. We’ve yet to have our first proper break as a family, but this tips are all very useful as we’re due to set off on a mini break in the distant future – although not overseas just yet!

    We’re not a very tech house – we don’t even own a TV – and it always irks me when I see electronics on those ‘Things To Pack When Travelling With Kids’ lists.


  2. We no longer have little ones, but we do have teenagers who can’t travel without their Samsung Tablets – worse thing we ever purchased!!!
    But we are planning a trip where we hope they don’t want to sit on them all down long because they will be {hopefully} too busy Geocaching 🙂
    We don’t have a TV in our Motorhome so thats not an issue, and they don’t have their own phones as yet, nor facebook pages but I guess we are heading in that direction sooner rather then latter.
    Its way easier to travel when they are little thats for sure!
    Great tips you have for travel things on your first city break with your child 🙂


  3. Haha, love your ipad rant! It is always a tip given to me, so yes I bring it but actually we don’t use it much, Tyler is always intrigued by ‘REAL’ life once we go somewhere new. And yes toddlers love art galleries – who would have known?! Sabrinaxx


  4. I love this list Sophie! Couldn’t agree more about the ipad! I don’t own one (or even a tv) but see so many kids with them on trains and things and they are missing out on the scenery 🙂 Aww, it’s so sweet Ophelia missed her peas! Ooo, I haven’t taken my little boy into a proper art gallery yet, will do next month when we’ll be in Amsterdam, exciting! Lovely to hear about your travels & we will have to catch up in person at some point soon. Thanks for linking up #MyFavouriteTrip Polly xx


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