Gratitude diaries


Today was a very ordinary day in the life of me, except one thing-how grateful i felt.

In the line of work I do, often it’s really easy to reflect on your own life with gratitude, simply because you see first hand how even the simplest of tasks are unachievable for people. But other times that burden of knowledge and exposure can have the adverse effect, causing a feeling of burden and guilt.

Today though, I felt grateful;
I am able to enjoy preparing food.
I got to drive through the countryside.
For the enjoyment of a hot chai tea.
Ophelia didn’t have a meltdown when my arms were too tired to carry her home.
The kisses my daughter gives me.
For tickets to say a proper goodbye to my favourite band.
For my cat for her cuddles.
Confirmation our window will be replaced next week.

And those pieces of gratitude have;
Taken my focus away from an emotionally draining working day.
Helped me forget that I missed out doing yoga and much needed “me” time as my daughter didn’t want to sleep.

Thank you gratitude.


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