Toddler hobbies: Yoga

Ophelia has always been keen on yoga since around 14 months old, when she used to come home and tell me she wanted to do yoga….followed by attempting a downwards dog pose.
Since leaving the Hove nursery, where she was evidently doing yoga regularly (God bless you Hove!), the Worthing nursery don’t seem to do it so often. 

I recently stumbled across Cosmic kids yoga videos on YouTube, and they’ve become a regular part of our lives.  Ophelia loves every single one, although most surprisingly, Harry Potter is her favourite.
Essentially it is yoga for kids, but along to a story with each yoga pose being relatable to the story e.g “the door opened”-there would be a yoga move mimicking a door with sound effects. 
Yesterday we even found a Frozen one, complete with a terrible singalong to Let it go!But Ophelia especially loved the move for Olaf and mimicking Elsa freezing things. As you can tell, not sure they’re calming videos! Having said that, there are specific bed time ones, which definitely are less rambunctious.


I think this is the perfect age to get kids into yoga.  Ophelia loves copying words and movements so is really engaged, and I love the way she tries to do moves even when she’s finding it difficult. But my favourite thing has got to be, when she out of the blood just did “NAMASTE” by action and word.


I’ve obviously got a real yogi on my hands!


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