You’re beautiful

Valentines day isn’t celebrated in its own right in this household, however our anniversary is the day after, so sometimes our celebrations end up happening to fall on Valentines.
Love for me, is that warm feeling that starts in your tummy and spreads to every inch of your body until you feel like it’s oozing out of your pores.
I’m not someone who has historically loved herself, in fact in my mind a lot of my twenties were filled with insecurities and self doubt. Some people dread or look forward to certain milestones in their life, whether that’s turning 30, starting a family or their first grey hair. For me i had never looked at life in that way, i would be so focused on regrets or self consumed doubts to look much further than the end of my nose.  But 30 seems to have seen some psychological leaps for me, maybe it’s more multi faceted than that, i mean becoming a Mother has got to have a lot to do with it. 
When your daughter only wants to sleep cuddled up to you, when she wakes up telling you over and over that she loves you, when she looks you straight in the eyes, strokes your hair and tells you “you’re beautiful”. Well then it’s pretty hard to hate yourself when you’ve obviously done something very right to bring a girl up who says such kind words.
And that is what love, and self love, means to me.


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