Sunshine on a rainy day

*Spoiler alert* There was no actual sunshine in Worthing today. It’s a metaphor mmk.

I always feel compelled to document reflections on days like today. Not because i did anything exciting, in fact far from it. But instead i feel proud. Proud that as i sit waiting for my toddler to drift off, i can’t help but smile to myself. 


It was one of those days where things don’t quite go as you had hoped, and you don’t do very much and it’s pouring with rain but that stuff isn’t how today will be remembered for me.

We got into a meltdown when toddler wanted to go out without a coat on. Scrap that, it started when we hadn’t slept (what’s new?!) & my head hurt. We got soaking wet walking to met Auntie Laura for coffee.  But all was redeemed by fun times with said pal and Ophelia’s one liners such as “i have wet eyes” & “That woman turned into a bird”. (FYI she didn’t). 

We missed our Chinese New Year celebration as Ophelia woke up miserable (standard) and refused to go in the car. Instead we went to Waitrose and played trolley games.

We stayed inside due to rain, but we got to make dens and do family yoga

Sometimes those little niggles can really give you the grumps, but don’t let it be your overall mood of that day.

Let it go.


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