Interiors: Toddler room storage

One of the rooms I dread walking into at home is Ophelia’s.  I feel so much guilt because we haven’t done anything with it in terms of making it hers.  In fact, I took a photo of it to put up here, and it looks so bad, I can’t bring myself to do it.

The previous owners used it as a double bedroom and had big built in wardrobes; which means that two of the walls have brown floral wallpaper on, whilst the other two are just plain white- making for quite the relaxing environment, i’m sure you’ll agree.

Relaxation station– I’d love for her to have a bean bag or tee-pee where she can go to read or to calm down if she’s feeling some of those toddler feelings or just to cosy on down.


Book storage– The poor kid currently has her books all over her room with no real home, i truly weep for those books! I’d love for her to have a reading area with either book library and/or a book shelf low for her to independently choose her books for bedtime.


book library great little trading company

Creativity– We’d love for Ophelia to have a set place to get creative- so that she can access all the sparkles/paints/stickers whenever she fancies.  Really I think it’s unrealistic to put this in her room, so we’re thinking of having it in the Conservatory.  She already has an easel and her own little art table, but i’d like a unit which she can reach all her art supplies and also to keep things a bit tidier!

clifton-toy-organiser_fr  clifton-storage-shelves_fr


Callum is keen on Ophelia having a desk in her room, although personally I think this would be more beneficial when she is a little bit older.

Clothes storage– Currently Ophelia has THREE forms of clothes storage, most of which sit half empty and really aren’t necessary! They were all handed down from my Mother’s family, with hopping bunnies carved into the wood, they are lovely but just not in keeping with what we have planned for the room.  In a true Montessori way, I’d like Ophelia to be able to reach her own clothes (like she can at the moment), but Callum would rather she has a full sized wardrobe for longevity.


All these  things are from Great Little Trading Company, because I basically love everything from there! I’m even eyeing up this beauty even though I have no need for it!




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