Toddler hobbies: Yoga

Ophelia has always been keen on yoga since around 14 months old, when she used to come home and tell me she wanted to do yoga….followed by attempting a downwards dog pose.
Since leaving the Hove nursery, where she was evidently doing yoga regularly (God bless you Hove!), the Worthing nursery don’t seem to do it so often. 

I recently stumbled across Cosmic kids yoga videos on YouTube, and they’ve become a regular part of our lives.  Ophelia loves every single one, although most surprisingly, Harry Potter is her favourite.
Essentially it is yoga for kids, but along to a story with each yoga pose being relatable to the story e.g “the door opened”-there would be a yoga move mimicking a door with sound effects. 
Yesterday we even found a Frozen one, complete with a terrible singalong to Let it go!But Ophelia especially loved the move for Olaf and mimicking Elsa freezing things. As you can tell, not sure they’re calming videos! Having said that, there are specific bed time ones, which definitely are less rambunctious.


I think this is the perfect age to get kids into yoga.  Ophelia loves copying words and movements so is really engaged, and I love the way she tries to do moves even when she’s finding it difficult. But my favourite thing has got to be, when she out of the blood just did “NAMASTE” by action and word.


I’ve obviously got a real yogi on my hands!

Learning that less is more

This poor blog has been rather neglected for quite some time. Many reasons have led to this, not least lack of time, a step back from technology time and a loss of passion. These all feed into a change of perspective.

You see, last year was the year I realised something had to change. I couldn’t carry on working myself sick, I couldn’t carry on trying to spread myself as thin as ice, I couldn’t carry on feeling guilt about everything.

So I stopped. Took a physical and emotional step back. This step back has been the catalyst for some massive psychological changes around here, and it had to be.  You see, last June and subsequent months, I had what my Neurologist now suspects is a retinal anorism (although I’m awaiting MRI scans) associated with migraines.

When something happens in your life, it’s only natural you reevaluate things, none more so when it’s lifestyle related. Something had to give, but what?

I had to learn to let go. Before now I had been so consumed by not feeling like a good enough worker, mother, friend, family member, person-which then led to me behaving or doing things in order to rectify that, e.g constantly communicating with people, trying to arrange seeing people all the time, working outside work hours, getting stressed when the house was untidy. It was exhausting!Or was that the lack of sleep?! Who knows!

I focused on what I felt was most important to expel my energy on and tried not to worry about the others.
It has also really helped that my phone is broken so writing texts or using apps is mostly not possible! The downside of this is that I come across as…apathetic? Breezy? Callum often accuses me of not caring about things around the house. I do, but I’ve just learnt to acknowledge it and remember worrying about it, isn’t going to achieve anything. This is quite a revolution for me, often called ‘worry wart’ by my Mum.

Learning to worry less is not easy, it has meant a big shift and refocus in my train of thought. I’ve had to accept that at the moment, I need to focus on getting Ophelia to sleep, so staying in to focus on that in evenings has to take priority, even if I’m desperate for social interaction.

Whilst these sacrifices will be short lived, I hope my health isn’t.

You’re beautiful

Valentines day isn’t celebrated in its own right in this household, however our anniversary is the day after, so sometimes our celebrations end up happening to fall on Valentines.
Love for me, is that warm feeling that starts in your tummy and spreads to every inch of your body until you feel like it’s oozing out of your pores.
I’m not someone who has historically loved herself, in fact in my mind a lot of my twenties were filled with insecurities and self doubt. Some people dread or look forward to certain milestones in their life, whether that’s turning 30, starting a family or their first grey hair. For me i had never looked at life in that way, i would be so focused on regrets or self consumed doubts to look much further than the end of my nose.  But 30 seems to have seen some psychological leaps for me, maybe it’s more multi faceted than that, i mean becoming a Mother has got to have a lot to do with it. 
When your daughter only wants to sleep cuddled up to you, when she wakes up telling you over and over that she loves you, when she looks you straight in the eyes, strokes your hair and tells you “you’re beautiful”. Well then it’s pretty hard to hate yourself when you’ve obviously done something very right to bring a girl up who says such kind words.
And that is what love, and self love, means to me.

Sunshine on a rainy day

*Spoiler alert* There was no actual sunshine in Worthing today. It’s a metaphor mmk.

I always feel compelled to document reflections on days like today. Not because i did anything exciting, in fact far from it. But instead i feel proud. Proud that as i sit waiting for my toddler to drift off, i can’t help but smile to myself. 


It was one of those days where things don’t quite go as you had hoped, and you don’t do very much and it’s pouring with rain but that stuff isn’t how today will be remembered for me.

We got into a meltdown when toddler wanted to go out without a coat on. Scrap that, it started when we hadn’t slept (what’s new?!) & my head hurt. We got soaking wet walking to met Auntie Laura for coffee.  But all was redeemed by fun times with said pal and Ophelia’s one liners such as “i have wet eyes” & “That woman turned into a bird”. (FYI she didn’t). 

We missed our Chinese New Year celebration as Ophelia woke up miserable (standard) and refused to go in the car. Instead we went to Waitrose and played trolley games.

We stayed inside due to rain, but we got to make dens and do family yoga

Sometimes those little niggles can really give you the grumps, but don’t let it be your overall mood of that day.

Let it go.

Interiors: Toddler room storage

One of the rooms I dread walking into at home is Ophelia’s.  I feel so much guilt because we haven’t done anything with it in terms of making it hers.  In fact, I took a photo of it to put up here, and it looks so bad, I can’t bring myself to do it.

The previous owners used it as a double bedroom and had big built in wardrobes; which means that two of the walls have brown floral wallpaper on, whilst the other two are just plain white- making for quite the relaxing environment, i’m sure you’ll agree.

Relaxation station– I’d love for her to have a bean bag or tee-pee where she can go to read or to calm down if she’s feeling some of those toddler feelings or just to cosy on down.


Book storage– The poor kid currently has her books all over her room with no real home, i truly weep for those books! I’d love for her to have a reading area with either book library and/or a book shelf low for her to independently choose her books for bedtime.


book library great little trading company

Creativity– We’d love for Ophelia to have a set place to get creative- so that she can access all the sparkles/paints/stickers whenever she fancies.  Really I think it’s unrealistic to put this in her room, so we’re thinking of having it in the Conservatory.  She already has an easel and her own little art table, but i’d like a unit which she can reach all her art supplies and also to keep things a bit tidier!

clifton-toy-organiser_fr  clifton-storage-shelves_fr


Callum is keen on Ophelia having a desk in her room, although personally I think this would be more beneficial when she is a little bit older.

Clothes storage– Currently Ophelia has THREE forms of clothes storage, most of which sit half empty and really aren’t necessary! They were all handed down from my Mother’s family, with hopping bunnies carved into the wood, they are lovely but just not in keeping with what we have planned for the room.  In a true Montessori way, I’d like Ophelia to be able to reach her own clothes (like she can at the moment), but Callum would rather she has a full sized wardrobe for longevity.


All these  things are from Great Little Trading Company, because I basically love everything from there! I’m even eyeing up this beauty even though I have no need for it!